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Bluebell Logistics is a newly-established VTC founding on 20th March, 2020. We are new but experienced in the virtual trucking atmosphere. Our aim is to develop a new culture of virtual trucking in a simple manner that provides a open environment for drivers to communicate and hanging out each other. We are now introducing new features that assuring every driver in Bluebell Logistics can get the best experience among the VTC atmosphere.

Friendly team

Our staff are so friendly to not only new staff members, but to new discord members in general. We make anyone feel at home.

Custom ID

Each staff member will have their own ID cards. With their profile picture, name, DoB and other information.

Fast replies

Our support team are super quick to reply to your questions. Not only they're quick, but they're professional. Making sure your question is answered properly.



Must be at least 16 years old
We aim to make this VTC mature as possible.


50 Hours or more in ETS2 or ATS
To show that you know how to play the game properly, and in a professional standard.


Our in-game customizations are for our VTC Representation
Our VTC has a custom paintjob that we would like all our staff and drivers to have. Representation of the VTC is key.


Members may not be in another VTC due to conflict of interests
We hope that staff and drivers that wish to join our VTC are not within any other, as this will cause conflict, between us and you. But also between Bluebell Logistics and the other VTC.


At Bluebell Logistics

You can reach a new height in your virtual trucking career with a friendly and professional team.